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The Oakland based office covers all of northern and central California. Upon request or in case of emergency we can travel to any location nationwide.

Our company offers a wide variety of services including but not limited to the following:
Cargo claim surveys for damages
Break-bulk loading and discharge
Loading and discharging supervision
Refrigerated cargos (Chilled or Frozen)
Heavy lift cargoes
Shifted cargo claims
Hatch leakage / Ingress of water
Personal injury / Investigation into cause and extent
Pre-shipment condition surveys
Wet cargo
Cargo and equipment theft
Handling stowage and hazardous cargo
Salvage sales
Cargo quality surveys
Investigation of vessel and dock damage
Refrigerated and dry railcar inspection
Cargo disposal and destruction
Pre-shipment and crating inspection of semi-conductor, high tech equipment and machinery
Loss prevention / Minimization of claims
Risk management during transit
Containers moving via rail, ocean, truck, and airfreight
Expert witness testimony
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